Welcome to Birsfelden

We are pleased to welcome you to Birsfelden and to provide you with more information on life in the commune. 

The commune of Birsfelden is an urban commune with around 10 500 residents. Due to its proximity to the city of Basel, attractive local recreation areas such as the Rhine, the Birs and the Hardwald forest and numerous social and cultural events and institutes, Birsfelden is a popular place to live for both young and old alike.

Birsfelden also has good transport links. Located to the south of the communal border is the A2 motorway which connects Birsfelden with the rest of Switzerland and neighbouring countries. Furthermore, Birsfelden benefits from a great public transport system and is well-connected to the EuroAirport which serves many international destinations and can be reached quickly.

Birsfelden has many institutions in the Swiss education system. They range from nursery schools to primary and secondary schools. The commune also has a music school for instrumental instruction, rhythm and singing. An extensive extra-family childcare offering is also available in Birsfelden (e.g. day nurseries and daycare structures).

Birsfelden is an active commune in terms of urban development. Numerous structural changes are expected over the next few years, which will change the face of the community in a positive and sustainable way. The most important project will be the development of the Birsfelden centre.

If you are planning to move to Birsfelden, you will find more information on our website about moving, the education system, childcare facilities, cultural activities and other valuable tips for everyday life in our community.

We are looking forward to welcoming you (soon) as a resident* of our commune. If you have any questions about your stay, move or life in Birsfelden in general, the communal administration would be happy to help you. Please do not hesitate to contact us.

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Gemeinde an Birs und Rhein

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